A classroom of an old abandoned and forgotten school, once thriving with life, now desolate with a feeling of unending loneliness. The artwork is a reflection on the memories and history we leave behind. The light illuminating the room is a visual representation of us remembering our past.

The process of creating my artwork started with me looking back and thinking of an environment that can connect with people but also convey the idea of the past. After coming up with the general idea of the work I started to sketch out the design of the classroom using photoshop. The final creation of the environment was created between 3 different software, the first one is Maya which was used to create the 3D models of each object in the scene after that the models were taken into a software called Substance painter where the models were textured. To assemble the scene I used Unreal Engine 4 to combine all the objects and create what is shown in my artwork.


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